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Non-judgemental, caring, professional psychotherapy service in Dublin

Alacris offers short- and long-term psychotherapeutic support with stress, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, trauma, anger, relationship issues and general emotional disturbance caused by events of our daily living. Alacris offers a non-judgmental, caring and compassionate approach with the focus on clients' needs. In the therapeutic space we encourage clients to explore challenging and difficult patterns of thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and emotions, and support clients to understand themselves better, facilitating a more satisfactory way of living.

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Fully booked at the moment. To join the waiting list please email your name and phone number to kaska@alacris.ie

Alacris Psychotherapy

Alacris comes from Latin and in direct translation to English language it means lively, courageous, spirited and eager. Psychotherapist at Alacris believe that professional and compassionate psychotherapy can support a person in living to their full potential, initiate their beliefs in change, restore joy and happiness in one's life through insight and personality growth.

Psychotherapy recognises the uniqueness and potential of human beings and it aims to improve person's wellbeing and emotional health.

Psychotherapy covers a range of approaches and methods that are researched and supported by theoretical frameworks. It involves a psychological treatment (that is not medical or pharmacological) for a variety of psychological, emotional and relationship difficulties.

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